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From IT to manufacturing, and from life sciences to financial services, Stepes has the bilingual domain experts to deliver high quality translations for all you globalization needs.

Our Translation Service

Stepes offers high quality technical translation services tailored to the needs of our clients’ specialized industry fields. Whether it’s a user guide, maintenance manual, product handbook, or reference document, we have the technical knowledge and linguistic expertise…

Technical Translation

Stepes offers high quality technical translation services tailored to the needs of our clients’ specialized industry fields. Whether it’s a user guide, maintenance manual, product handbook, or reference document, we have the technical knowledge and linguistic expertise to get the job done in 100+ languages.

ELearning, mLearning & Training

Need your online courses, interactive presentations, and multimedia training programs translated into 100 languages? Stepes has both the linguistic and the programming expertise to ensure the localized material reads, sounds and functions just like the source. Stepes’ multimedia engineering team – one of the largest in the industry – is experienced with a variety of authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate Presenter, TechSmith Camtasia and more.

Social Media

Interested in creating multilingual version of your social media contents? Or your global customer support calls for real-time translation of online discussions and live chats. You can count on Stepes to deliver affordable, quality solutions for all your social media translation needs.

Software Localization

Stepes offers complete localization solutions for mobile apps, enterprise software, games, database, CAD, ERP, CMS, and other software applications. Our service includes translation of the graphical user interface (GUI) strings, text messages in dialog boxes and menus, as well as linguistic testing.

Multilingual Website

Stepes’ automated website translation solutions allow our clients to reach global audiences with confidence and speed. Our website localization service helps our clients accelerate global expansion and international revenue growth.

International Marketing

Unlike technical documents, marketing translation transcreation that requires the linguist to have both linguistic expertise and strong creative writing skills in the target language. Count on Stepes to provide your Marcom language service that resonates with your local customers.

We Proudly Serve These Industry Fields


Innovations in the sharing economy require fundamental understanding among businesses and their customers anywhere the world. Stepes helps our clients excel in international markets by destroying language barriers in 100 languages and 6 continents.


Stepes provides end-to-end solutions for software localization across a variety of platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android. Powered by our professional in-country technical translators and field experts, Stepes translates virtually all software applications including ERP, CRM, games, mobile apps and more.


Global regulations call for clinical trial documents such as cognitive debriefing and face validity assessments and other patient facing materials such as IFUs and product labels to be translated into the target market languages. Trust Stepes professional life sciences linguists for all your medical translation needs.


Modern manufacturing’s growing reliance on a global supply chain requires large volumes of multilingual content ranging from product specifications and user documentation to safety instructions. In fact, manufacturing generates more interrelated content than nearly any other industry.

Consumer & Retail Products

Quality product information in foreign languages is key to create customer loyalty and success beyond the home market. Don’t risk your product reputation by using unedited machine translations or poor translations from amateurs. At Stepes, our linguists are always at your service.

Entertainment & Media

With over 100,000 highly skilled language professionals, you are bound to find the most qualified linguists that understand your target audience for both linguistically and culturally appropriate translations. Stepes provides professional entertainment language services that span films, TV, games, sports, social media and more.

Financial Services

In addition to having in-depth knowledge about highly technical financial terms related to auditing, investment banking and fund management, etc., Stepes linguists are also abreast of latest hot topics for financial services trend, international regulatory initiatives, and monetary reform measures.

Art & Literature

Need your art and literature work translated? At Stepes, we not only have translators that specialize in arts and literature, but are artists and authors themselves.


Intelligent braking, lane departure warning (LDW), automatic transmissions or pedestrian detection, Stepes automotive linguists understands the jargons of the latest automotive technologies to ensure your translated owner’s manuals and shop reference guides are concise and accurate for a local audience.


United Nations, the European Union, G20, government agencies and international organizations rely on Stepes multilingual language solutions to communicate to a global audience across borders and cultures. Stepes enables global governments to make better decisions for international programs and initiatives.


Unlike other types of translation, legal language is full of technical jargon with precise definitions and contextual uses strictly defined by law. Accurate translation of legal content is critical for successful international contract negotiations, litigations, and support.

Oil & Gas, Energy

With the global footprint of the oil & gas industry, businesses are finding an ever greater need for linguistic support for their worldwide operations. Stepes has the language skills and subject-matter expertise to ensure your global messages remain accurate and consistent.


The global transportation industry is highly competitive with increasing operational expenses on a global scale. Fortunately, you can count on Stepes to provide quality and competitive multilingual content to meet the requirements of a diverse international customer base.

Travel & Tourism

Powered by a large network of language and cultural experts in all of the world’s major geographic locations, Stepes helps our clients in the travel and tourism industry deliver multilingual communications that create welcoming experiences home away from home.


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