Stepes Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Stepes Code of Conduct is to provide guidance to all of our colleagues, partners, and stakeholders for conducting our business according to the highest ethical standards. Holding high ethical standards in our everyday work is essential to preserving a healthy company culture, where our resources are fully dedicated to our mission of transforming the way the world communicates.

Upholding our core values to a high standard is the driving force behind our success and allows us to respond to the challenges that arise in the ever-changing global environment in which we operate. These values shape every aspect of our day-to-day operation and how our customers, our employees, and our partners perceive us.  By working in a sustainable way, Stepes will be a platform that focuses on integrity to help preserve the culture of honesty and accountability throughout the company that is achieved only when we serve our clients well.

Who Must Follow the Code

The code applies to all Stepes colleagues and business partners. Stepes is also required to apply the same standards and follow the same core practices as Stepes employees. Working towards a common goal of finding solutions that are ethical and guided by our philosophy is the most appropriate method to handle a difficult or ambiguous situation.  Each of us has a duty to live by and report unethical conduct without fear of retribution.

For us to be successful, we must consistently maintain the following principles:

  • Our customers and business partners must trust us and value our integrity
  • Our employees must trust us to value and respect them
  • Our clients must be able to rely on us to act responsibly and give satisfactory results

Our reputation as a company serves as a gateway between our aspirations and brand reputation, a gateway that connects ethics and values to our daily conduct at work.

Under the code of conduct, all employees are expected to maintain a high standard through the following:


We operate within the practices of Stepes Code of Conduct, while obeying its regulations and corporate practices. Our reputation is our most valuable asset and we do not tolerate unethical and irresponsible behavior. We act in such a way that our communication and interaction with our users builds overall trust and respect.


All partnering members share a responsibility to maintain professional conduct on a day-to-day basis. Members need to behave honestly and with integrity while performing their duties.  Decisions must always be made with the best interest of our customers and not to advance any personal interests. Members must also not use their position or knowledge gained from their position for personal advantage.

Customer Satisfaction

It is fundamental that customers are treated with the upmost respect and concern at all times. Our advice and services must be appropriate to meet the needs of our customers and business partners.  Misrepresentation or misleading customers or business partners with fictitious claims is never acceptable and will result in disciplinary action.

Privacy and Data Security

Our customers and business partners expect us to safeguard personal information with the upmost care. We must comply with all applicable copyright and intellectual property laws, as well as any other guidelines or nondisclosure agreements. We will never comprise trust by disclosing private information to anyone other than those with a legitimate business purpose.