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#1 On-Demand Multilingual Survey Translation Service

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) provides expert language translations with speed for all forms of market research surveys — customer satisfaction, product feedback, and employee engagement. We’ve streamlined and automated survey translation services so you can stay ahead of the competition by most effectively engaging your global audience across languages.

Stepes introduces on-demand multilingual survey platform to enable global companies to easily create, translate, deploy, and manage international business surveys in 100 languages.

Accurate Customer Survey in 100 Languages

Accurate Customer Survey in 100 Languages

You’ve spent time and money crafting the perfect market research surveys and the last thing you want is to work with an average translation company to localize your multilingual surveys into Spanish, Chinese, French, and other European and Asian languages with mediocre quality and delayed turnaround time. This is why the world’s leading companies trust Stepes to translate their global customer satisfaction surveys and employee engagement questionnaires with quality and speed. We have industry leading, on-demand translation technologies that accelerate the delivery of multilingual survey translation and localization while at the same time allowing our professional native linguists and subject matter experts to confidently translate your surveys 24/7 across all platforms.

When it comes to understanding your international customer needs and wants, there is rarely anything more effective than a multilingual customer satisfaction survey conducted in your audience’s own languages. Well translated surveys allow your international customers and multinational employees to share valuable insights on your products and services, providing a powerful tool for continuous improvement. Studies find that multilingual surveys consistently rank among the most important business practices affecting a company’s bottom line growth in international markets. This is why you need Stepes, the leader in multilingual market research survey translations that deliver the result. We have the linguistic resources and cutting-edge survey localization technological solutions to empower our clients global success.

The rapid development of the digital economy across national borders make it all the more imperative for companies to conduct market research activities on a global scale, generating ever-increasing demands for multilingual surveys that are deployed in a variety of languages. Stepes provides one-stop shop for all stages of multilingual surveys, from translation to process management, and data collection and reporting. Talk to one of our survey translation consultants today and see how Stepes can help raise your international customer/employee satisfaction to a higher level of excellence.

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One-Stop Shop for All Your Survey Translation Needs

One-Stop Shop for All Your Survey Translation Needs

Stepes provides end-to-end language localization services and solutions for all stages of your multilingual market research survey needs, from translating of survey introduction, questions, and email invitation, to online survey administration, multilingual data collection, and reporting. We have streamlined the language translation process to remove unneeded human touch points so translating your surveys fast and professionally no longer has to be a complicated undertaking. For customers that chose to use Stepes’ powerful global survey platform, we also take care of setting up your localized surveys as well as server hosting so your foreign language surveys have the fastest performance in all major geo locations around the world.

How It Works

Stepes multilingual survey translation services work in one of two ways: 1) translation only, and 2) full service localization.


Translation Only

Simply drag and drop your survey documents to our online translation portal and specify the target languages to receive an instant quote. Upon your confirmation, our pre-approved professional linguists and in-country subject matter experts are immediately assigned to begin translating. Download the translated files with the click of a button. You can then use the translated text to create your localized survey in the target languages.


Full Service Localization

Use the Stepes multilingual survey tool to create your English surveys and specify the target languages. Once the English survey has been reviewed and finalized, Stepes will begin translating the survey questions into the desired target languages using a fully automated. Next configure your domain DNS to point to point to the Stepes survey cloud. Stepes will manage the global survey administration, multilingual data collection, and reporting.

Online Survey Translation

We Support All Web-based Survey Tools

Whether you are using SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, or SurveyGizmo to develop your surveys, Stepes has the right solutions to translate your survey questions and quizzes most efficiently. You can either send us the survey content in TXT, DOC format or native files for a variety of survey tools. Stepes also has experience Simply drag and drop your files to our translation portal and specify the target languages to receive a survey translation quote in real time. Upon your confirmation, our pre-approved translators are brought in to translate your survey materials right away. To learn more about Stepes online translation capabilities, please click here.

Automated Survey Translation Solutions

Survey Translation Automation

Stepes has developed a complete set of translation APIs to provide fully automated translation solutions for your multilingual surveys. You can program your survey engines to directly transfer your survey questions and content to Stepes for professional translation by our professional translators. Once the translation has been reviewed and finalized, Stepes will push the translated content back to your survey engine automatically. You can then immediately deploy your localized surveys in a fully streamlined process without human intervention. Automated survey translations are ideal for companies that put out a large number of surveys on a regular basis. To learn more about Stepes translation automation solutions, please click here.

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