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With our app’s new feature Book a Translator professional linguists seeking jobs can expand their reach, keep track of your bookings, invoice your customers and earn money – easily.

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We are proud to represent many language talents from all over the world

Here at Stepes we aim to bring people together and we help and support each other. Unlike other companies that hide their professionals, Stepes allows you to showcase your skills to the world by giving you the opportunity to sign up with a personal profile. The accreditation is easy! As a personal interpreter you can also act as the client’s local expert and help explore foreign places as a guide to your customer’s travel needs.

How Does It Work?

At Stepes, professional interpreters like yourself can choose to work from home with the smartphone using our Talk&Translate feature or on location with the Book a Translator feature. Go to Search Jobs and click on My Languages. All opportunities are documented here – you will find all interpretation and translation jobs that we have matched with your skills, profession and location. We can offer cheaper prices to our clients since our linguists don’t have to travel for their jobs. This makes you more likely to work on many projects and increases your salary.

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How To Deliver excellent Language and Interpretation Services

For accurately interpreting different subject matters there are many talents good interpreters need, and of course everyone brings their very own unique qualities. The Stepes translation agency tried to find a couple of universal character traits a good interpreter should have – next to speaking foreign languages proficiently: We suggest you read texts out loud to improve your fluent speaking skills, build confidence and communicate flawlessly. Successful public speakers also use this method. Summarizing texts helps you filter out main points strengthens you accuracy and deepens your understanding of language structure. Choosing a target language and practicing for future engagements with a friend is perfect – make sure you chose a realistic environment; you can even dress accordingly to enhance the effect of the exercise. You can try the same over the telephone.

Flexibility is an important factor in a freelancer’s life. Every engagement is different, interpreters have to deal with new people and locations on a daily basis – but of course this is one of the major advantages of a freelance lifestyle. Many linguists also join an professional association for career building support and make contacts.

Empathy is just as important. Successful interpreters look into the people they are working for and analyze wishes and demands when communicating. We all know body language is an important factor! It’s almost as if professional interpreters have to act. These acts can differ according to the subject matter.

Of course, confidence can’t be left out in this summary. A professional and certified language interpreter knows how to sell him/her self – and the client’s wishes. The flexible lifestyle of a freelancer demands confidence every day.

Last but not least, we’d like to again point to our assignment rules in our Etiquette Guide. If you’re a pro, you probably know them all. However, to give all our clients the same Stepes Experience, it is important to us to set these ground rules and ethics.

Develop the relevant skills

Stepes offers free online industry related content for you to research and learn from. This content can help you develop your skills in a variety of subject matters and to expand your knowledge, getting you ready for further qualifications and a wider range of interpretation jobs through Stepes.

What are required languages in interpretation today?

Why Work For Stepes?

Work whenever and wherever you like.

You have the freedom to pick and choose interpretation jobs according to your schedule without having to travel. If it suits you then it suits us.

We pay on time, anytime.

We have implemented a reliable and consistent payment system that accurately documents your earnings and have given you even more freedom by allowing you to extract money anytime you like with PayPal. No restrictions.

Work according to your own interests and schedule.

We understand the importance of working with clients that suit you. You have options to pick and choose from clients with an extensive variation of content based on different industries. We publish jobs such as technical projects, court interpretations, webinars, simultaneous transcription or  work in the healthcare sector. Stepes takes your specific interests and needs into consideration, and then makes sure that the right content is pushed to you.

Develop your skills.

Stepes offers free online industry related content for you to research and learn from. This content can help you develop relevant skills in different industries, expand your knowledge and polish your resume. It will help you get get hired for interesting tasks and will open a wider range of jobs with Stepes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Stepes Interpreter?

We have a large approved community of interpreters already working for Stepes, however we are always looking to further grow our Stepes team. Simply sign up, read the etiquette guide, tell us where your fields of expertise lie and we will evaluate your case. Your customers’ ratings will – next to our assessment – determine how many job offers you will receive.

How does the interpretation process work?

Stepes clients will book an interpretation session in advance in most cases. Our system matches you according to your fields of expertise and your location – you will not have to travel to use this service. You will get notified with the time, place, payment, event details and dress code. Based on these, you can decide if you’d like to accept the job. If so, Stepes will access your calendar to help you keep track of your bookings. You will also be notified 1-hour before the session begins. The client also has the option to chat with you before the event starts.

Can I get notified of new jobs?

You can look for jobs by accessing the Stepes Check Jobs page. Stepes also sends out email notifications to you based on us matching client content with your skills as an interpreter.

What are the rates and how does the payment work?

What’s great about Stepes, is that you’re in control of your finances. The client pays in advance so you don’t have to worry about not getting paid. Once our 30-day satisfaction guarantee has past, you simply request a withdrawal amount of your choice. You can use PayPal, with more payment options available soon. Our rates vary depending on demand, place, and time. You will be paid from $36 to $40 an hour. Once offered a job, the rate will be displayed.

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