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Stepes (pronounced /steps/) helps companies and government organizations succeed in Sweden and Scandinavian market with fast and accurate English and Swedish translation services.

Better Swedish Translation

Simpler, Faster, & Better Swedish Translation

Does your business need professional Swedish translation services that are not only linguistically fluent but technically accurate? Then, you’ve found the perfect partner. Stepes patented on-demand translation solutions allow global enterprises to localize their websites and product documents in Swedish and Scandinavian languages with speed at a fraction of the cost. We do this by incorporating AI into our translation automation workflows to intelligently manage your localization projects with the highest efficiency. At the same time, we select the most qualified professional Swedish linguists with specialized subject matter expertise matching our customers’ industries to work on your projects for the highest level of linguistic and technical precision.

Game Changing Translation Technology

Game Changing Translation Technology

Translation services are supposed to help businesses communicate better and faster with international customers. However, overly complicated processes and highly manual production workflows have made languages services both expensive and slow. This is why Stepes game-changing translation solutions are disrupting the language industry in a big way. Similar to Amazon and Uber that have fundamentally changed their respective industries, Stepes has redefined professional Swedish translation services to an agile, fast, and affordable online model.

  • Instant File Analysis and Quotation
  • Intelligent Linguistic Translation Provisioning
  • Automated Translation Project Management
  • Near MT Speed and Scalability with Human Quality

Swedish Software Localization

Swedish Software Localization

Stepes provides expert and end-to-end software localization services in Swedish and all other European and Asian languages. In fact, Stepes invented the terminological approach to software localization to most efficiently translate software interface strings with accuracy and speed. We’ve also developed highly innovative linguistic validation and functional testing solutions so we can help our clients streamline the software localization process to achieve an extremely fast turnaround. To learn more about Stepes professional software localization solutions, please click here.

Swedish Retail Translation Services

Swedish Retail Translation Services

Sweden counts some of the leading commercial retailers in the world such as IKEA and H&M. Retail translations, and increasingly e-commerce localization, require quality and speed at scale. This is where Stepes modern translation solutions can make a difference. Specifically, Stepes cloud-powered translation management ecosystem (TMS) allows businesses to centrally manage their enterprise-wide language service requirements easily on a single platform that’s accessible 24/7 from both desktop and mobile devices. Our customers rely on Stepes TMS to grow their international business by translating all types of digital content between English and Swedish quickly with technical accuracy, and without being bogged down with the nitty-gritty and unneeded manual tasks of traditional project management. Stepes employs some of the most qualified Swedish linguists with expert industry and subject matter expertise to work on our client’s projects for the highest level of language quality.

Large Swedish Translation Projects

Large Swedish Translation Projects

Does your business need to translate large amounts of documents into Swedish quickly for regulatory compliance or important overseas business opportunities? Stepes has the industry’s leading solution for translating large volumes of information quickly using our big translation solutions. We’re able to do this because we employ one of the largest teams of professional Swedish linguists. At the same time, our AI-powered translation management system automatically manages our linguistic resources for the most optimum performance.

YSwedish Translation Q&A

Swedish Translation Q&A

Swedish is spoken by roughly 15 million people worldwide, with 9.9 million in Sweden and the rest in Finland and other parts of Northern Europe. It’s the 65th biggest language in the world. There are two Swedish variants, Standard Swedish which is the national language of Sweden and Finnish Swedish which is one of two official languages of Finland. Swedish has a 29-letter alphabet with 18 vowels. In terms of translation spend between Swedish and English and other languages, the annual cost is roughly $225 million USD. The biggest Swedish companies in terms of translation spend Include Ericsson, Electrolux, IKEA, H&M, Essity, Volvo, Skanska, and Vattenfall.

Our Swedish Translation Capabilities

If you’ve worked with a translation vendor in the past, chances are you know it usually takes them at least 24 hours to provide you with even the simplest quote. However, in today’s fast-paced digital economy, a full day’s turnaround on a translation quote is too slow. This is because if you don’t move fast enough in global markets, your competitors will, translating into lost business opportunities. This is why you should use Stepes. Just drag and drop your files onto our online portal. Our AI-powered translation management system automatically extracts the content, leverages your translation memory, and provides you with a quote instantly. Upon your approval, translation starts immediately with our pre-approved Swedish linguists. With Stepes, you’ll never have to wait until the next day to receive your document translation quotes.

One of the biggest translation improvements Stepes has made is to use big data to most effectively manage our linguistic resources. We evaluate each of our Swedish linguists based on their linguistic qualifications and subject matter expertise. At the same time, Stepes automatically monitors each linguist’s actual project performance such as translation quality, fast response, and overall service quality. These data points are continuously compiled and analyzed to make the most intelligent project assignment decisions. As a result, we’re able to deliver the best translation results on a constant basis.

Project management is an important component of professional translation and localization services. However, project management does involve certain overheads that impact cost and localization efficiency. This is why Stepes has automated Swedish localization project management for straightforward projects that can be processed for better efficiency while allowing our dedicated project managers to work on more complex projects. On average, 80% of our Swedish translation projects can use automated project management for unrivaled performance efficiency.

Do you need Swedish translations for large projects? Stepes is the undisputed industry leader for turning around translations on large documents with efficiency. Stepes AI-powered translation management system is able to split large documents dynamically and assign the texts to multiple pre-approved Swedish linguists to translate simultaneously. Our cloud-based terminology management and translation memory tools automatically check and enforce linguistic consistencies amount all translators in real time. Stepes has experience translating 800K words from Swedish to English in as little as five business days.

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