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Stepes (pronounced /steps/) provides fast and professional language translation services to the world’s leading companies between Dutch and English, German, French, and 100 other languages.

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As one of the highest per capita GDP counties in the world and a major import-export economy in the European Union, the Netherlands relies on professional language translation services to support cross-border economic development and foreign trade. Language translations between Dutch and German, Dutch and English, Dutch and French, and Dutch and Simplified Chinese have seen significant increases during the last twenty years and the trend is only growing. For fast and accurate Dutch translations, look no further than Stepes, the premier localization services partner global companies trust for premium quality content in all foreign languages.

At Stepes, we’re accelerating the delivery of professional Dutch translation services using our industry-leading language technology solutions. Our cloud-based translation management system intelligently processes a variety of documents for automatic quotation and translation project creation, while at the same time allowing our Dutch linguists to most efficiently translate the content with real-time terminology support and translation memory leverage. Our online workbench automatically serves up search prompts and validates each text segment in real time so our linguists can achieve both quality and efficiency gains.

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Online Document Translations

Online Document Translations

Stepes translates all types of content efficiently in Dutch and other European and Asian languages, including legal contracts, business documents, product manuals, training courses, and marketing brochures and websites. Stepes is the #1 online translation service allowing our customers to get their documents translated easily with speed. Simply drag and drag your files to our online portal, specify the languages and target industry domains, Stepes will take care of the rest. Upon your confirmation of our instant online quotes, Stepes automatically assigns pre-approved linguists from our pool of professional in-country translators to most accurately match your subject matter requirements. These linguists can also be made into dedicated translators for our enterprise clients for better project knowledge retention and linguistic consistency.

Dutch Terminology Management

Dutch Terminology Management

Quality Dutch translations require proactive terminology management on a continuous basis. Stepes has built the language industry’s leading terminology management platform so our clients can easily manage product terms on the cloud. In addition to terminology translations, Stepes also supports term definition and all ISO compliant attributes such as part of speech, usage examples, synonyms, as well as customized attributes and reference images. For each of our enterprise customers, Stepes automatically creates multilingual project glossaries as our linguists work on translating the content. Proactive terminology management is a hallmark of Stepes Dutch translation services and helps our customers prevent costly language translation revisions with improved time to market.

All Netherlands Industry Sectors

We Translate For All Netherlands Industry Sectors

The Netherlands is a dominant player in the world for transportation, chemicals, petroleum, agriculture, microelectronics, construction, and commercial fishing industries. As a result, translations services are a hot demand for these sectors as companies increasingly conduct business operations globally. Stepes has professionally trained Dutch translators and bilingual subject matter experts who specialize in these industry fields for the highest quality translation results.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re so confident with the quality and speed of our Dutch translations that we offer our customers 30-day satisfaction guarantee. In fact, Stepes is the first translation company to allow our customers to rate the performance of our Dutch translators after translating each project. Linguists that consistently receive 5 star ratings automatically become the customer’s dedicated translators for all future projects for the best linguistic results on a continuous basis.

Simplified Dutch Translation Processes

Simplified Dutch Translation Processes

Stepes innovative translation solutions make professional Dutch translation services simpler, faster, and more cost-effective. Our machine-human solutions automated many of the unneeded human touchpoints within legacy translation models. Stepes is an intelligent translation management system that streamlines the localization workflow by applying machine learning and AI to dynamically validate terminology accuracy, mistranslations, spelling and grammar errors, and formatting tag mismatch. The result is a significantly more efficient Dutch translation solution that saves our customers both time and money.

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