In-Context Translation

Better Accuracy with In-Context Translation

Stepes’ in-context translation solutions allow our clients to receive better translations with minimal LQA and faster turnaround.

In-Context Translation Is a Reality

Finally, In-Context Translation Is a Reality

One of the major constraints of modern translation management systems or CAT tools is their limited support for allowing translators to view the context of the text sentences they’re translating in real-time, leading to poor linguistic accuracy and lower translation efficiency. This is why Stepes’ fully automated in-context translation solutions are a game changer. Our AI-powered translation workbench enables our linguists to view the text strings in context, allowing them to translate and perform LQA in a single step for the best translation results at significantly improved efficiency.

In addition to translating text content, Stepes also has a streamlined process for localizing charts, graphs, and formulas, as well as performing international currency and date conversions. Our AI-powered translation management system supports translation memory and continuous terminology management, allowing Stepes to achieve linguistic consistency while reducing translation costs and turnaround time. We also support various spreadsheet formats such as XLSX, XLS, CSV, XLSB, and XML to provide a one-stop solution for all of our clients’ translation needs. Don’t just take our word for it. Talk to one of Stepes’ spreadsheet translation consultants today and learn how we can help you engage your multinational customers and partners with multilingual spreadsheets with confidence.

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In-Context Software String Translation

In-Context Software String Translation

Software localization involves translating user interface (UI) strings, compiling the localized application, and conducting localization testing and bug fixing. This process can become tedious if too many translations need to be revised, leading to delayed time-to-market. Stepes’ in-context translation use AI, OCR, and WYSIWYG to automatically show the placement of each UI string in real-time, allowing our translators to deliver the most accurate translations the first time around. Furthermore, our translators can easily render the translated strings onto the software interface with the click of a button. To learn more about our professional software localization services, please click here.

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