Our Vision

Big Stepes for On-Demand Translation Services. Globally.

The world has over 7 billion people, speaking some 6,500 languages. How do we communicate? How do we understand each other?

The digital economy has led to an information explosion unseen since the dawn of human history. Digital information is now created, delivered, and consumed non-stop, and around the clock. Information exchange takes place on the Web, over mobile and IoT (Internet of Things), in call centers, social media, and through SMS, email, over-the-phone, or on-site and in-person exchanges. The world needs quality and affordable translation services that are agile and scalable to meet 21st century language communication requirements. This is why legacy translation models are no longer adequate to address these new economic challenges, which require on-demand, always-on, and multi-channel translation services in real time.

Stepes’ (pronounced /’steps/) just-in-time language solutions – professional translation services powered by our patented online, mobile, LBS (location based services), and on-site technologies – disrupt the age-old translation industry. We help our clients overcome global linguistic and cultural barriers and enable them to accelerate business growth in international markets.

Like Big Data that has changed the way the world processes information, Stepes’ vision is to ignite the “Big Translation” revolution to provide global enterprises and individuals with fast, high quality, and affordable language solutions that are rendered instantly anywhere and anytime, on all devices, platforms, and channels.