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On-demand enterprise translation management solutions across all content channels and devices. Easily manage project workflows, translation memories, terminology, linguistic resources, and translation spend on the cloud. Stepes next-gen Translation Management System integrates with all major CMS, CRM and ERP platforms.


Welcome to the Future of Translation Management Software

Translate faster and smarter with the world’s #1 on-demand translation management system. Our enterprise translation platform and software tools automate the entire localization process and use modern AI to transform translation and localization of digital content across all business channels and devices for unrivaled performance and scalability. Stepes translation management system (TMS) allows companies to accelerate international growth in all languages by drawing upon our deep localization industry knowledge and experience to drive enterprise language services performance and innovation to the next level.

Turn Translation Spend into Strategic Investment

Get OrganizedGet Organized

Organize translation memory, product glossaries, translation style guides, linguistic resources, language references, and localization spend all in one place.

Streamline ProcessStreamline Process

Optimize translation workflows for the best efficiency. Automate file handoffs, quotations, linguistic reviews, and project management on the cloud.

Improve PerformanceImprove Performance

Eliminate waste with lean localization for faster delivery. Gain visibility on risks and stay proactive with change management for continuous improvement.

The Quickest TMS

The Quickest TMS

Stepes mobile capability delivers unparalleled performance for today’s agile enterprise translation requirements. From instant quotation, to real-time project notification, and on-demand translation services, no other translation management systems come close. The modern iterative approach to product development calls for content design, development and delivery in a continuous process throughout the project, instead of at the end. This is why you need Stepes translation management to deliver content in all languages fast and continuously. Stepes turns around agile translations in minutes.

We Are Stepes ahead in Translation Innovations

Modern businesses create large amounts of content in all formats and medium that all need to be translated with quality and speed. To ensure language localization efficiency, consistency, and scalability, businesses increasingly need enterprise level translation management solutions to streamline and standardize localization processes to deliver the best ROI. Companies can no longer afford ad hoc approaches which invariably result in lost time, inferior linguistic quality, and increased costs. This is why you need the right tools like Stepes to enforce localization best practices throughout your organization while turning your translation spend into strategic investment for global success.

Traditional ad hoc translation processes involve highly repetitive, manual tasks that can be automated to deliver faster and more consistent results. Tasks like sending project requests via emails, analyzing files offline, leveraging translation memory, creating project quotations, formatting documents (DTP), handing files to translators, managing terminology with static MS-Excel files, and performing linguistic review with email messages are labor intensive and hard to monitor, track, and manage. More importantly, these manual operations often fail to deliver linguistic consistency and project efficiency, leading to poor customer satisfaction. The good news is there are many translation management solutions available to help streamline your translation operations.

However, not all translation management systems (TMS) are built equally. You must carefully consider the individual capabilities of these software tools in order to choose the best TMS that meet your company’s unique translation requirements. Furthermore, they also need to be able to scale to meet your increased translation demand for the future. Some important considerations include: is the TMS cloud-based and is it globally accessible? Does the TMS offer real-time translation memory search functionality? Does the translation management support API? Does it support more advanced features like AI-powered translation automation?

If you want a translation management system that can meet all of the above requirements, we invite you to try Stepes TMS, the industry’s leading All-In-One translation management ecosystem built-on Web 3.0 technology.

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Say Goodbye to Clunky Translation Management Systems

Are you working with an expensive, outdated TMS that’s hard to use and difficult to replace? Then say Hello to Stepes, the next-gen cloud-based translation management platform designed for simplicity, speed, and the best user experience. Built with the latest Web 3.0 technology and HTML5, Stepes is a modern SaaS cloud translation management system delivering unrivaled translation efficiency, quality, and scalability. Better yet, Stepes costs only a fraction of what other TMS solutions charge. As a cloud solution, Stepes TMS only takes a few minutes to deploy. There is no 3rd party software to install so you’re never locked in. All you need is your browser to access its full range of functionalities. Sign up for a Stepes enterprise account today and say Hello to simpler, faster, and better translation management.

Best UX Design

Best UX Design

Stepes represents a major departure from the slow, archaic translation management tools with antiquated user interface (UI) designs that have been so prevalent in the language industry. These outdated TMS systems not only cost significantly in terms of time and money to implement, but their rigid workflows also make it hard to use. Often times, these TMS tools themselves become a major bottleneck, requiring significant time to maintain and support, leading to lost business productivity. Stepes is a next generation lean translation management solution with modern and intuitive UX, delivering the best user experience for significantly improved translation project management.

Benefits of Stepes Cloud TMS

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Stepes Translation Management System is a highly secure, modern SaaS cloud platform that provides our clients with a turnkey solution to standardize and simplify multilingual content translation and localization. It incorporates the latest machine translation (MT) capabilities, cloud-based translation memory search, collaborative terminology management, and workflow automation to deliver unrivaled localization efficiency and versatility. Better yet, Stepes translation management tools are free of charge to our enterprise customers so your team can work less and achieve more.

Translation API

Translation API

Stepes TMS allows companies to easily integrate powerful content translation solutions with a variety of content management systems such as Drupal or WordPress using our full range of translation APIs. Stepes APIs supports all essential translation and localization functions including quotation, project initiation, progress tracking, linguist review, translation memory leverage, MTPE, and terminology management.


The Most Secure TMS

Stepes translation management solutions go beyond common cloud security procedures to ensure the best cybersecurity protection. In addition to access management such as authentication, access rights, and data protection, our security best practices also include the most stringent user management processes within the language industry. We use multi-dimensional verification processes to identify, track, and monitor all user activities on our cloud system.

AI Powered Translation

Finally, AI Powered Translation Management System

Modern enterprise translation requirements are complex. It’s no longer just emails, messages, or documents needing translations; instead, it’s a network of rich content from various business channels and platforms that all need to be translated with quality and efficiently. Translation management systems must be able to make intelligent decisions based on a wide variety of data points in order to yield the best results. Modern AI has applications throughout the translation lifecycle, from file analysis, machine translation, and translation memory leverage, to linguistic resource management and collaborative terminology development. To learn more about Stepes AI translation solutions, please visit:

Translation Management System Comparison

There are many translation management tools on the market such as Across Language Server, GlobalLink, WorldServer, Memsource, Cloudwords and Stepes, making it challenging for customers to choose the right system for their unique content localization needs. This is why we’ve spent the time to sort through the features and functions of these TMS tools for companies to compare.

Product Stepes WordServer Across Memsource
Native Cloud Yes No No
TM Search Yes Yes Yes Yes
Terminology Yes Yes Yes Yes
Popular File Tpes Yes Yes Yes Yes
API Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Translation Yes No No No
Workflow Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vendor Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Uber Model Yes No No No
AI Yes No No Yes
MTPE Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic MTPE Yes No No No
Real Time Human Translation Yes No No No
Machine Translation Yes Yes Yes Yes

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